What we do

TrustPharm consists of two major departments:

Registered products: to meet unmet medical needs
For this activity segment we have 6 core competencies:

Market Surveys and product’s potential evaluation
Our Business Development department excels at identifying products and providing market surveys and evaluations.

RA & Product Registration
Our RA department consists of highly experienced personnel which handles all aspects of RA from product registration through quality assurance, batch releases and pharmacovigilance.

Our import department manages all aspects of importation until arrival in our warehouse.

Marketing, Promotion & Sales
Our own marketing department consists of highly professional medical rep’s and promotes products to our wide network of medical professionals.

Customer service and Support
Our qualified team is always here to take care of our customer’s needs.

We distribute our products through the largest third – party distributor to all end customers: clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and sick funds.

Non registered products: to meet immediate needs
TrustPharm has a dedicated team that specializes in identifying and supplying pharmaceutical products that the local market lacks (Non registered back ordered, discontinued etc.) and therefore registration is not required for their import process.

TrustPharm has vast expertise in compassionate use products via special permit importation.

The dynamic nature of TrustPharm allows it to be a key player in this activity – segment by responding quickly to customer needs.

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Who we are

TrustPharm is built on its people with all employees having vast experience and knowledge in the pharmaceuticals industry.
All of our employees have previous experience in the pharmaceuticals industry and the majority come from multinational companies.
We strive to deliver assertive, organized, high-quality service.
TrustPharm has very close connections with all end customers and we work closely with them to identify emerging opportunities.

International partners